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Interim Business IT & Automation Project Management

C-FR.net is a consultancy engineering and communications company specializing in business development. Professionalism, ongoing support, and quality are the goals that we pursue in our work. In every project we realize, we incorporate this vision and regularly surpass customer expectations.

C-FR.net has developed a highly professional approach to solving customers’ needs, providing qualified and complete services, assisting in managing all aspects of design and implementation.

We provide content management, custom multimedia applications, trademarks, SCADA design, e-commerce productions and qualified advice. We combine the analysis of the customer’s business with our competence and expertise in engineered Automation.

Our solutions are ideal for both large companies looking for reliable and personalized services, and small companies looking for effective and economic solutions. We work at BtB, agencies and studios, providing expertise and professionalism to all projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and cooperation, use the mail formular above for contact.